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Types of Sets in Volleyball: 13 Sets You Need to Know ...

Types of Sets in Volleyball: 13 Sets You Need to Know 1. The Four A four is a high set with a trajectory that goes about three-meters high and comes down at the left front... 2. The Five A five is the opposite of a four. The ball goes about three-meters high and comes down at the right front... 3. ...

Volleyball Set Diagram - Coaching Volleyball

In my coaching at Svedala in Sweden, for example, the “rip” was equivalent to the 31 from the chart above. A 3 was the 32 set, which is pretty common usage. Our A was a 71 (back quick). We called the “hut” a “go” (which is what a lot of teams call the fast outside set these days).

Definitive list of set names | Volley Talk

With 1, 2, 3, and 6 being "fixed sets" and 4 and 5 being "floating sets." So 1 is left pin, 3 is the exact middle of the court and 6 is right pin. 2 is halfway between the pin and the middle of the court. 4 is "right in front of the setter", and 5 is "right behind the setter", so those sets move as the setter moves.

Volleyball Offense Terminology

One A one set is a quick set to the middle. Three A three set is a quick set about half way between the outside and middle. Five Set A five ball is a back set to the right side hitter. Ten A ten is a set that's set to a back row attacker. The ball is set to be attacked near the 3 meter attack line (10 foot line). A 10 is also called setting the pipe.

Volleyball Attack Names - Gold Medal Squared

Set Name - HUT. A “Hut” is a high out-of-system 1st-step (or slower) tempo set to the outside hitter on the left side of the court. “1st-step” means the attacker is on the first step of her approach as the setter (or another player) is setting or bump setting the ball. This is a higher, slower set.

400+ Brilliant Volleyball Team Names (With Meanings)

If you prefer one word names, here are good one word volleyball team names: Hitlist – Don’t be on theirs. Shockwaves – Will be felt when this team scores. Hurricanes – Expect a storm. Gosh – You’ll be in awe. Cougars – Perfect for a women’s team. Pandemonium – Bringing with them the end of the ...

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back 1 - pinky - (quick set behind the setter) back push - don't remember - (push ball set behind the setter) back push 1 foot takeoff - either last two fingers, or just the pinky and a vocalized check - (Set closer than a slide as a ball that hangs in the air. The idea is to spend as much time as possible in the air with the ball because the blockers won't drift, so you can open up more angles based on when you hit the ball)

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On this page, you will be presented with more than six hundred (600+) names for your volleyball team. We already know how time-consuming and difficult it is to create a team name and that is the reason we have created more than six hundred names for you and your team.