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Before we go into detail, here is your guide to scoring a game: 0 points= Love 1 point = 15 2 points= 30 3 points= 40 Tied score= All 40-40 = Deuce Server wins deuce point = Ad-In Receiver wins deuce point = Ad-Out

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If both the players make it 40, then the score is called “deuce.”. After deuce, a player must win two consecutive points: the first point, known as “advantage” and the game-winning point. If the opposite player succeeds to score the next point, the game once again returns back to deuce.

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Whether you play for fun or you’re in a competitive league, USTA provides you with articles discussing everything about how tennis scoring works. When you want to learn how to play tennis, for singles or doubles, we help solve your problems with answers to your questions related to tennis rules and regulations.

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Here we go… earn a minimum of 4 points to win a game. play at least 6 games to win a set. win no less than 2 sets (at times 3 sets) to close out a match.


except that if each player/team has won three points, the score is “Deuce”. After “Deuce”, the score is “Advantage” for the player/team who wins the next point. If that same player/team also wins the next point, that player/team wins the “Game”; if the opposing player/team wins the next point, the score is again “Deuce”.

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Scoring a game. A game is won when a player scores four (or more) points: 15, 30, 40 and the game-winning point. Should both players make it 40, then the score is called "deuce." Following deuce ...

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Tennis Rules: Guide to Scoring & Tennis Basics Shots Used in Tennis. The game of tennis is played using various types of shots. The service, or serve for short, is an... Additional Shots and Spin. Some additional shots used in the game include the lob, a shot placed over the opponents head... The ...

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If the receiver wins the first point, the score will be “Love – 15”. The game is won when a player wins 4 points with at least 2 clear points. If each player wins three points, the score will be “40-40”. This is known as “DEUCE”. After Deuce, the score will be “ADVANTAGE” to the player who wins the point.