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A brief history of tennis - Olympic News

A brief history of tennis. Charlotte Cooper, the first-ever female Olympic champion. Charlotte Cooper was one of the few female players to serve by throwing the ball up before ... The evolution of tennis in the 20 th century. The Golden Slam – the supreme goal!

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Organized tennis is played according to rules sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the world governing body of the sport. Tennis originally was known as lawn tennis, and formally still is in Britain, because it was played on grass courts by Victorian gentlemen and ladies. It is now played on a variety of surfaces.

HISTORY OF TENNIS: The origin, how was in invented and more.

In the 1870s, it was designed and codified in England. Tennis was initially known as lawn tennis because it was usually played on grass courts by ladies and gentlemen of the Victorian era. During that time, they wore long sleeved dresses while playing.

A short history of tennis: Henry VIII to Federer the great ...

The modern game of tennis originated from medieval Europe in the 12th century. Real tennis was played by members of royal families including Henry VIII. The rules of lawn tennis were refined in ...

The History of Tennis - EzineArticles

Tennis is a game with alot of history - it goes back centuries. When it first started it was a basic games with basic equipment, however over the years it has developed into a major sport which contains a solid foundation in sporting society. Read more.

Tennis And Its History - EzineArticles

Tennis is a sport that has been round for hundreds of years. It is believed that the game was invented by European monks. The racquets and ball used in playing the game were of different types.

The History of Tennis

The Origins of Tennis - History of Tennis. Amazingly, the historical development of tennis dates back several thousands of years. So, people who are involve in historical researches of this great sport claim to have found evidence of playing tennis in ancient Greece culture. The History of tennis game was developed from a 12th century French handball game called "Paume" (palm). In this game the ball was struck with the hand.

An Evolutionary History of Tennis Racquets

An Evolutionary History of Tennis Racquets The "Modern" Wooden Racquet. In 1874, Major Walter C. Wingfield registered his patent in London for the equipment and... Light Metal Heads. A racquet with a metal head existed as early as 1889, but it never saw widespread use. Wood's use as... Graphite and ...